My name is Ron Gabrielli

I was diagnosed Dec 11th 2015 with RRMS.

I'm 63 years old, and am heading to Puebla, Mexico April 21st.

for a treatment called HSCT. In a nut shell, they give you chemo, knock down your immune

system, take out your stem cells, give you more chemo, put your own stem cells back into you

and your body now has no memory of having MS. Its not suppose to be a cure but it is meant to

halt your MS. Any improvements are a bonus.

The plan is to come back have a lot of physio to try and get some things back. Such as balance and drop foot.

I have severe fatigue, bowel and bladder problems, memory fog, muscle loss. The list goes on...

I would also like to be an advocate for HSCT in Canada.

HSCT Mexico....Game on ...MS Sucks!Ronnie's ms treck to mexico

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